LaserVault offers the best in virtual backup and restore solutions for IBM i, and LaserVault ViTL gives you the ability to automatically replicate your data to the cloud for even better protection. ViTl is more reliable than tape, and uses an easy web interface. There is no limit on the size of virtual tape files other than available disk space. Save your backups, without using tape, to your hard drive or NAS, SAN or deduplication appliance.

Intro To Using A Virtual Tape Appliance For Remote Backups
Save time and eliminate the need to be on-site with your servers. See how LaserVault UBD and LaserVault ViTL virtual tape solutions allow you to backup your IBM Power System (iSeries, AS/400, System i, AIX, and Linux) through remote access.
• Save your backups onsite and to the cloud • No need to have an operator present • Get automated unattended backup and remote replication • Receive emailed progress notifications • Seamless transition from using tape • Easy alternative to using physical tape • Installation is quick and easy on most existing systems – install in the morning and run your backups to virtual tape that same evening.

Securing Your Backups: Local, Remote, Cloud
If you are continuing to use manual tape for your backup and recovery, this webinar is for you. Take the first step to discovering how automating your backups will improve your data protection while simplifying your IBM i operations.

Simplifying Your IBM i Upgrade
Are you getting ready to upgrade your IBM i? This mini webcast will help you learn how to simplify the process, make your upgrade take less time to complete, and explain how to modernize your backup and recovery when you modernize your iSeries.

Understanding Virtual Tape Backup For IBM i
Does too much time, too many steps, and too much risk, have you thinking about what you could be doing differently to protect your IBM i data? Watch this webinar to learn why using virtual tape may be a better option than using manual tape for your backup and recovery.

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