Fastest Backups & Recoveries Tiered Backup Storage

Tiered Backup Storage
ExaGrid’s Tiered Backup Storage, each appliance in the system brings with it not only disk, but also memory, bandwidth, and processing power – all the elements needed to maintain high backup performance.

Immutable Storage
ExaGrid has the only non-network-facing tiered backup storage solution with delayed deletes and immutable deduplication objects. This unique approach ensures when a ransomware attack occurs, data can be easily recovered or VMs booted from the ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage system. Not only can the primary storage be restored, but all retained backups remain intact.

ExaGrid Unique Value:
  • Fastest backups – avoids inline deduplication bottlenecks
  • Fastest restores – no deduplicated data rehydration required
  • Low-cost long-term deduplicated retention storage
  • Industry-leading 20:1 data deduplication - Global Deduplication

Adaptive Deduplication
- Deduplicates and replicates during the backup window
- Strong offsite RTO and RPO

Retention Time-Lock for Ransomware Recovery
- Non-network-facing tier (tiered air gap)
- Delayed deletes
- Immutable deduplication objects

Scale-out Architecture

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